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Customers, Coaching Calls & Cashflow

If you are an online entrepreneur invested in selling your own information products online: books, courses and coaching services, I'm sure one or all of the following questions have crossed your mind:

Question #1: How do I get my Facebook group, social followers and email list to buy my stuff? They say they want it, but then they don’t buy and that’s frustrating. What am I missing?

Question #2: How do I get serious coaching clients & not people who want to vent or pick my brain for free? They say they need real help, but then people get too comfortable with me, thinking we’re friends. How do I get taken seriously and set professional boundaries. What am I missing?

Question #3: How can I bring in $5K per month selling my books, coaching, and courses? I would like to generate a real and regular stream of income online. What am I missing?

These are three real questions real entrepreneurs ask me, so I decided to provide you with real answers inside Customers, Coaching Calls and Cashflow Questions Answered; a 3 part, 2 hour audio series full of clarity, direction and answers to things real web women entrepreneurs really want to know.

If you want better answers you have to ask the right questions. , so inside this series I will keep it real and walk you through 3 AIMS Sessions:


I want to help you see what you might be missing when it comes to getting your followers to follow your 'buy now' direction, getting paid to coach people who are genuinely invested in working with you and how to tap into the art of generating steady revenue based on the steps I have taken as service professional, information entrepreneur and mentor who generate steady sales online.

Your answers to these 'Customers, Coaching Calls & Cashflow' questions are just a click away.

Start Here. Get Clear. Move Forward. Period.

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