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47 Power Moves. 36 Powerful Experts.

If you could have access to 36 established, successful "6 and 7" figure business owners and coaches passionate about helping you succeed and get all the tools you need, would you take it?

Your time is now. Grab your virtual seat and get instant access to the Back to Business Power Circle so that you can dive into 47 powerful training videos from 36 amazing women entrepreneurs (many of whom I am sure you know, follow and love).

I want to share some of the BEST sessions with you from the Back to Business Virtual Conference as part of the 47 Power Moves series.

The 47 Power Moves guide is divided into nine sections as listed below. Each section includes a collection of training videos that average between 30-Minutes to 90-Minutes in length. With 40+ hours of GREAT training sessions that you have lifetime access to. Watch them anytime online by simply clicking on the included blue links within this guide to open and instantly watch your favorite videos from your favorite coaches, mentors and web business experts.

Nine Section Topics Covered Inside 47 Power Moves:

  • Set Yourself Up for Success
  • Set Up Your Wealth Building Masterplan
  • Setup Your Online Business Ideas List
  • Setup Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Setup Your Networking, Marketing and PR Exposure Efforts
  • Setup Your Book Publishing and Promotion Projects
  • Setup Your Profitable Business Plan
  • Setup Your Get Back on Track Agenda
  • Setup Your Sponsorship and Investment Capital Initiatives

I truly believe the Success of Your Business Depends on the Company that You Keep, which is why my mission is to ensure that you are in great company inside the SistaSense Power Circle.

Back to Business is the ultimate virtual series for serious sisters in need of real talk business training, mentorship and direction around money, marketing, and sales. My team of experts include successful “Six and Seven Figure Sisters” who understand where you are coming from and can provide you with the right steps to get to where you want to be.

47 Power Moves guide includes forty-seven virtual training sessions. This video-based series features 36 SistaSense Power Circle Experts and we are all passionate about seeing you succeed. Our goal is to help you fast track your web business growth with clarity, connections and confidence. We want to give you the right tools to move beyond all things that might be holding you back, so you can power through to your best you. From building your business to your best self, using technology to smart marketing solutions, we are going to explore essential aspects of starting and maintaining successful businesses online and across the globe.

You are literally getting hundreds of dollars worth of our BEST personal and professional business training sessions at a fraction of the cost! This is priceless. An absolute must-grab now before this price goes up.

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