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Start Here. Get Clear. Move Forward.

Do you need help figuring out where to start? I can help. I love what I do, even the hard parts. But there is one hard part that has honestly stumped me for a long time. You see, aspiring entrepreneurs often ask me one BIG small business question that’s really hard to answer. “Where do I start?” For some people this question is all about independence and new beginnings, while for others it’s filled with a cry for help wrapped in a strong desire to get unstuck and move forward. That question used to be really tricky for me to answer, until now.

I created the “Start Here. Get Clear. Move Forward.” bundle for any entrepreneur at any stage in their business. My goal is to supply you with my best Smart Start / Next Step trainings, services and one-on-one solutions; so that you have the support you need to take your next big step. Whether you are in the startup, jumpstart, or restart phase of your business vision, I truly believe that I can help you get clear about the essential steps required to move forward.

This is an experience and a bundle all in one. It is chock full of support, clarity and smart start action steps. It includes:

  • The Start Here. Get Clear. Move Forward Guide (you are reading now with links to) Audio and Video Trainings, PDF Worksheets and eBook Downloads
  • Three 1-on-1 30-Minute SistaSense Clarity Calls
  • Three Months Inside the SistaSense Fire Starter Circle Mastermind
  • The Kick Start Your Brand Graphics Bundle: 3 Custom Web Graphics
  • 35% Off the Small Biz Web Design Package (

We will focus on four core areas:

  • Look, Listen and Learn inside the SistaSense Startup Story
  • Online Business Models: Explore Your Options
  • The 4 Phases of Entrepreneurship: Get Clear About Where You Are and What to do Next

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