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Create a Sales Success Map

If you are a success seeker interested in taking a good look at your online business, so that you can make it better... well, this is for you.

This information packaged webinar training + interactive Money Makers Worksheet is designed to help you get crystal clear about how to build your online business in a way that works.

I want to help you figure out:
What To Sell
Who to Target
How to Price
How Much Money You can Make

I will show you:
How I Triple Sales
How I Attract 3 Types of Clients
How I Set and Achieve Revenue Goals
How My Business Grows Every Year

Together We Will Explore:
Your Business Core
Ideal Client Base
Cashflow Essentials

Triple X Your Success by creating your on Sales Success Map Today.

I'm LaShanda Henry aka SistaSense and I am here to help. Tap into my 17 years worth of low cost, high quality, easy to follow online business success strategies that you can use to get better at conversion marketing and sales.

Here's Everything You Get INSIDE TXS:
Discover the 7 Steps to Triple X Your Success
Learn How to Triple X Your Core, Client Base and Cashflow
Download and Dive Into the Money Markers Work Sheet
Includes 3 Hr Webinar Training + Interactive Work Sheet

Hear what Sistas are Saying about SistaSense:

This is the MOST Powerful Interaction I have had with Sistasence EVER! It Just keeps getting better! It was like we were in space and she was guiding me snatching the stars that were created just for me to shine out of the sky and placing them in the Success Map worksheet that she created for me. She refined, polished and empowered me to understand the numbers in my business. The Money Map was the key. I saw where I was bringing in money I did not know I had ... she pulled 455$ Out of my wallet! The numbers and the organization, the way she works ... She is PASSIONATE about us getting results. -Lynette

My mind is blown. Sign up for Triple X Success. Fully engage yourself in it and I guarantee your profits will INTENSIVELY GROW. She got me “good” nervous ahd “good” shook-up with all the “good-good” she poured into us this weekend. Yes, she over-delivered. Trust and believe you will gain so much more and it is well worth the investment. -Tracy

Thank you. Listened to most of the first webinar in TXS and I got so much of my life! I resigned from my job effective in May, to pursue my purpose full-time. These tools are already super helpful and I’m no where close to finish. See lots of my peeps in here, so I know I’m in good company. -Adeea

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