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The New Normal Home Study Guide

The New Normal is a practical life design guide for positive change & success seekers who embrace the power of divine right timing.

It seems like it was only yesterday that I was sitting in my Brooklyn apartment dreaming about what it would be like to build a life with my perfect person, to become a mom, start a business, own a car and my first home.

Fast forward ten years later and you will find me in my home office with my little puppy by my side, with my son playing in the yard and my hubby enjoying his man cave while I write these thoughts in the hopes of sharing this message with you, “Visualization works and everything happens in divine right timing. I feel blessed to be in a space where I am living my dreams while fulfilling my life's purpose. I want to share this feeling with you and show you how to create New Normals in your life by becoming the change that you seek.”

I share my startup story with you as proof that we all have the power to live our dreams. You can manifest your vision of success. But you have to BELIEVE IT if you wish to achieve IT.

New Normals are not created overnight or by chance. New Normals are forged in faith and fortitude. New Normals can only grow out of a genuine belief in things unseen and by diligently working towards blessings you have yet to unblock.

Think about it. Think about what you want your life to look like. Think about the goals you want to accomplish, the projects you want to complete, the people you wish to serve and the loved ones with whom you desire to spend all your time.

With these thoughts in mind, dive inside the New Normal Guide to explore your dreams, plans, fears and possibilities. Let’s work on embracing the power of divine right timing and creating New Normals together.

The New Normal Life Design Home Study Guide includes:

SistaSense 7 Step System to Creating Change

- Start Now - Reflect Now - Visualize Now - Release Now - Plan Now - Act Now - Promise Now

TNN CD with 5 items
Audio Book - 7-Part MP3 Series - Work Book - 32 Page Printable PDF - Bonus 90-Minute MP3 Audio Session: - 5 Steps to Get What You Want Every Year

The New Normal Workbook - 32 Pages

Get Clear. Get Focused. Get ready to create your new norms using this workbook full of Life Design Activities as detailed in the New Normal Audio Series.

The Evolution Continues Book

A Heartfelt Collection of SistaSense Stories, SMART Start Solutions and Online Business Lessons Learned

Unblock Your Blessings - New Edition CD
12 Steps to Building Your Best Business, Life and Self

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