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Tripods are essential for taking brand photos or recording your videos for marketing, YouTube and live streams. I currently have 3 types of tripods available. Selection is limited. Any mobile devices displayed in the images are NOT included.

Mini Adjustable Flexible Octopus Tripod holder includes:
Universal Tripod Smartphone Mount and Wireless Bluetooth Remote works for most Androids and Apple iPhone smartphones. This tripod kit includes three items. It is perfect for recording video on your desk or attaching your mobile device to objects like a bike or pole.

If you JUST need the attachments:
You can also purchase the Smartphone Mount Mobile Holder for your phone to attach to your tripod + the Bluetooth Remote.

Please note: Only the mini-tripod sets are available at this time. The 50" Aluminum Camera Tripod and Livestream tripods are sold out at this time.

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