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Grow Your Following 7 Day Challange

If you are an online entrepreneur looking to expand your brand, become more visible and build your own community online then I invite you to take my SistaSense Grow Your Following 7 Day Challenge.

In my 16 years of being a web designer, I've learned quite a LOT about how to use no-cost and low cost marketing strategies to drive traffic to your website, increase your visibility and reach more potential customers.

Over the course of 7 days, I would like to share 7 GREAT ways for your to increase your following online using the same strategies that I have successfully used to reach thousands of people on the web.

This is an audio based challenge, which you will receive via email. In other words, each day I will message you with a 20 minute audio training - sharing my own personal checklist of strategies to give you a sense of how you can get started.

Sign up now to swipe my Daily Getting Started Checklist with great easy to follow solutions and resources.

Day 1: Build Your Email List
Day 2: Build Your Blog Subscriber List
Day 3: Build Your Customer Base
Day 4: Build Your YouTube Following
Day 5: Build Your Periscope Following
Day 6: Build Your Twitter and Facebook Following
Day 7: Build Your Community / Coaching Client Base

This challenge includes 2.5 hours worth of GREAT information to help you get clear about how you can start growing your following via email, blogging, on your website and using social media.

In sharing my checklists with you my goal is to help you find solutions you would like to learn about in more details.

BONUS 60 Minute Video:

First Steps to Grow Your Social Following Online

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