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ProWebinars 5-Part Training Series

Are you ready to host your own webinars?

Tons of webby women are eager to tap into their passion, share their knowledge and make money by hosting webinars. Are you one of them? Now is the time to become a PRO! Host Professional Webinars and make Paypal Profits Online! Sign up for my SistaSense ProWebinars. [watch video]

Setup and Sell Online
This 5-Part Online Training Workshop is available for you to watch online, right now! Together we will plan your webinar from start to finish, so you can learn how to profit like a Pro!
And if you can't make the live sessions, no worries because you'll get access to all the replays, so you can work at your own pace.

5 Webinar Sessions
Prep: Explore Your Purpose, Pricing and Plan
Present: Outline and Brand Your PowerPoint Presentations
Promote: Prepare Your Pitch and Marketing Strategy
Process: Webinar Hosting Tools, Tips, and Tricks
Profit: Generating Sales Before and After Your Webinar

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